Michaela’s £20K worth of Pupil Premium ‘Home Visits’


Michaela Community School’s Pupil Premium spend for its two years of operation from 2014 to 2016

As I pointed out in my last post, Michaela Community School’s Pupil Premium impact figures are the antipode of evidential, undermining Michaela’s frequent & loud claims to statistical success, but what truly mystifies is Michaela’s Pupil Premium spend, since opening in 2014, of an even £20,000.00 attributed to “Home Visits“. In their first year of operation the spend works out to almost £170.00 worth of “Home Visits” per Pupil Premium child.

Aside from £10,000.00 seeming a large and unfeasibly round figure for Michaela to publish for each of two successive years for the same programme despite their increased pupil intake over that time, Michaela make great play of their relationship with pupils’ parents as a factor in their alleged academic success so this is surely an intervention programme worth interrogation if there is the possibility for any other schools to benefit from this feature of “The Michaela Way“. Would someone from Michaela please explain this disposal of funds intended for the education of disadvantaged children? Which homes are visited how often, how is this frequency determined, what happens during these visits and how do you determine the impact of this Pupil Premium spend?


It’s already clear that the impact figures Michaela gives for its various Pupil Premium programmes are dead in the water so perhaps a pertinent question is, when burning £20,000.00 travelling within a couple of London’s zones to visit the homes of a handful of students relative to £20,000.00, whether Michaela head Katharine Birbalsingh and her deputies Joe Kirby and Barry Smith bothered to keep their ticket stubs.



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